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The Village Seamstress is located in Hamilton, Ohio’s charming and historic German Village. Debby Ripperger is your hometown seamstress who is ready to help you with any or all of your clothing and costuming needs.

“Want to rescue or personalize
your favorite pair of jeans?”

“Do you have a dress or outfit for prom or special occasion that needs some professional attention for that perfect fit and look?”

“Let’s tweak that business suit
for the perfect first impression.”

“What about an heirloom christening gown or matching mother/daughter/son outfits?” Or perhaps you want a more vintage look that makes you  look and feel like you’ve stepped back in time or belong at a Renaissance festival.

If you can say yes to any of the above, then the Village Seamstress is definitely the place for you. Debby will get you mended, fitted, customized and fully dressed so you look and feel your very best.